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  It gives you 2 different grooves for speed rising, no longer needs to adjust torque & pad springs on clutch, switch to different groove & get outstanding speeding curves, that is easy! We recommend inexperience player keep transmission as is first, then try the groove which is similar to the stock one, then switch to 2nd groove, you will know which one suit for your performance.

CAUTION! NOT fits ZOOMER / RUCKUS, Dio ZX... etc. models with new Plastic Sliding Sheave.

Driver ID: ø33.0mm

1. Torque Driver x1
• Uploaded: 2012.12.15 by Wayne
Product : NCY Sliding Torque Driver (Dio ZX AF28)
Stock No : 23220-GW0-N010
Fit Model : HONDA
CHINA Cloned GY6 50cc 139QMA / B.
Sold-Out! Needs 5~7 days after order.
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Price : USD $49.90
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