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  CAUTION! NOT fits SYM Dio EZ, DD, Fiddle 50cc 2-Stroke! Want more top-end speed? Final transmission gears kit is the solution! Make sure you already have enough take-off power, such as big bore cylinder, super size carb... etc. installed, then go get this kit.

Please email us for the size(s) you need after placed order, thank you!
2340K-GW0-J150 15 x42
2340K-GW0-J160 16 x42
2340K-GW0-J170 17 x41
2340K-GW0-J180 18 x39 Sold-Out!
2340K-GW0-J190 19 x39

1. Transmission Gear x2
2. Gasket x1
• Uploaded: 2012.12.15 by Wayne
Product : JWC High Gears Kit (Dio AF18)
Stock No : 2340K-GW0-J000
Fit Model : HONDA
Related Tags: Live Dio, Super Dio, Tact, TRANSMISSION
Price : USD $49.90
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