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  KITACO Hot Pressed Carbon Fiber Reed Valves, it can suffer extreme high frequency of vibration, also reacting faster when airflow get through from carburetor & manifold, stronger & longer lifetime compared with stock steel reed valves. NOT fits Live Dio AF34, AF35, AERO 50 AF05E models.

Content: 5
1. Reed Valve x1
• Uploaded: 2013.01.25 by Wayne
Product : KITACO Carbon-Fiber Reed Valve (Dio AF18)
Stock No : KTC-711-1076000
Fit Model : HONDA Dio /-SP /-SR, Super Dio /-Fit /-SR /-ZX /-Baja, DJ1 R /-RR, G, Giorno, Tact /-S /-Stand-Up, Joker / Shadow, Elite 50 SA50 (AF16E) / SK50 (AF18E).
KYMCO Manboy / ZX, Refined / DJ, Fever, Top-Boy / Cobra 50 / 100.
SYM Dio, DD / Jolie / Arnada, Fiddle 50, Jet / Red Devil 50 / 100 (2-Stroke).
Related Tags: INTAKE, LEAD1, Super Dio, Fever, Top-Boy, Super 9, DD, Jet, HOT
Price : USD $19.50
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