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  NOT fits Live Dio SR / ZX, AF34 AF35 Horizontal engines, Dio 4-Stroke, AERO, Elite E models.
Hi-Flow Dry Filter Foam, excellent quality for performance engines, 15° foam body angle design makes air go through faster while riding, make cylinder burning room cleaner, keeps dirt away from intake system.

PWK CARBURETOR: Designed for high performance engines, Flat Throttle Valve replaced normal carburetor Column Valve, it cuts down 30%+ of air traveling time, increase the response speed, special pipe at intake side vacuums fuel directly from bottom chamber, spray fuel to manifold when throttle fully opened, burn efficiently, similar method as fuel injection without complicated devices.

INTAKE MANIFOLD: Aluminum Cast Body, 3D Fiber-Glass 4 Reed Valves gives you faster reacting with each throttle, also provides richer fuel & air-flow than stock Flat Stainless Steel Reed Valves, a must have item if you want richer fuel supply & increase air-flow for better acceleration.

THROTTLE CABLE: With adjustable length, bright color let you find it easier, please move cable's location in order to fit.

Main Jet: #130
Pilot Jet: #48

Content: $216.60
1. PWK Power-Jet Carb x1
2. Manifold & Reed x1
3. Racing Pod Filter x1
4. Throttle Cable x1
5. Main Jet x5
• Uploaded: 2013.03.09 by Wayne
Product : PWK ø28mm Power-Jet Carburetor Kit (Dio AF18)
Stock No : 1712A-GW0-0281
Fit Model : HONDA Dio /-SP /-SR, Super Dio /-Fit /-SR /-ZX /-Baja, DJ1-RR, G, Giorno, Tact /-S /-Stand-Up, Joker / Shadow, Elite 50 SA50 (AF16E) / SK50 (AF18E).
KYMCO Manboy / ZX 50, Refined / DJ, Fever.
SYM Dio, DD 50 / Jolie / Arnada, Fiddle 50 2T.
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