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  Famous RRGS PH80 4 Pods Caliper, real RRGS made in TAIWAN & ship from TAIWAN, it may takes 7~10 Business Days if the color you want is out of stock. Each scooter requests different Caliper Adapter & correct Master Cylinder when install. Please email us for primary & secondary choice of color(s) after placed order, because color availability may not updated on-time since it is a hot kit.
45200-000-RG4G GOLD Sold-Out!
45200-000-RG4S SILVER Sold-Out!
45200-000-RG4B BLACK
45200-000-RG4L BLUE Sold-Out!
45200-000-RG4R RED
45200-000-RG4P PURPLE Sold-Out!

1. Caliper x1
• Uploaded: 2013.12.25 by Wayne
Product : RRGS Forged Brake Caliper (4 Pods PH80)
Stock No : 45200-000-RG40
Fit Model : Universal All scooters & motorcycles.
ON SALE! was $219.00
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Price : USD $159.00
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