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  FRANDO ø3.5mm Stainless Steel Weaved Brake Fluid Line / Hose, 0° / 15° / 45° / 90° different connectors with 85cm length.

1. Brake Line x1
• Uploaded: 2017.12.20 by Wayne
Product : FRANDO Brake Line / Hose (15° 85cm)
Stock No : 45126-000-F085
Fit Model : Universal All scooter & motorcycles.
Related Tags: BRAKE, JOG1, JOG2, JOG90, JOG ZR, RS100, JOG 4T, LEAD1, Super Dio, Live Dio, Smart Dio, ZOOMER, LEAD2, Sepia, ZZ, V125, GSR, Fever, Going, Kiwi, Many, DD, Jet, Xpro, Mio, Fiddle, Jet Power, mii, Bubu, J-Bubu, 139QMB, 1E40QMB, NEW
Price : USD $79.90
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