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  FRANDO HF8 Forged Caliper + Adapter + NCY Floating Disc Rotor ø260mm + Forks + Brake Line + RPM 10 Spokes Wheel Kit for BWS / ZUMA YW50, BWS100, Grand AXIS 50 / 100. ø26mm Tube Forks models MUST Upgrade to ø30mm Steering Stem when install.

Please email us for primary & secondary choice of color(s) after placed order, because color availability may not updated on-time since it is a hot item.
4551K-4VP-003S SILVER Caliper
4551K-4VP-003B BLACK Caliper

1. FRANDO HF8 Caliper x1
2. NCY Rotor ø260mm x1
3. Caliper Adapter x1
4. Rotor Bolt x5
5. Bolt x4
6. Front Forks Set x1
7. ø12mm Steel Axle Set x1
8. Boss x1
9. Steel Brake Line Kit x1
10. Master Cylinder Set x1
11. Speedometer Gear & Cable Kit x1
12. Front Wheel Set x1
• Uploaded: 2018.01.04 by Wayne
Product : RPM 12" Front Wheel Forks Disc Brake Full Kit (ZUMA YW50)
Stock No : 4551K-4VP-0030
Fit Model : YAMAHA
ON SALE! was $859.00
Related Tags: NEW, BWS125, AEROX, BWS100, BWS2, BRAKE
Price : USD $689.00
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