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  NCY Aluminum Rear Drum Brake Arm for BWS / ZUMA YW50, BWS100, Grand AXIS 50 / 100, CYGNUS-X, BWS125. 10" Rear Wheel models MUST Upgrade to 12" Wheel when install.

Please email us for primary & secondary choice of color(s) after placed order, because color availability may not updated on-time since it is a hot item.
4340A-5TY-N03G GOLD
4340A-5TY-N03B BLACK
4340A-5TY-N03L BLUE
4340A-5TY-N03R RED

1. Brake Arm x1
2. Joint x2
3. Spring x1
• Uploaded: 2018.01.04 by Wayne
Product : NCY Rear Brake Arm (ZUMA 125)
Stock No : 4340A-5TY-N030
Fit Model : YAMAHA
ON SALE! was $34.90
Related Tags: BRAKE, BWS2, BWS100, AEROX, CYGNUS-X, BWS125, NEW
Price : USD $20.90
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